Be Good to the Earth Campaign

Help the environment by recycling your used Happ:y Yoga Mat

What you need to know

Most recycling centers will not take your used yoga mats. If they do, they likely ship them off to a landfill. We want to change that practice.
The Happ:y Yoga Mat’s American manufacturer will take back used mats* and recycle them for us. Our manufacturer has a relationship with their local recycling center that allows for the re-use of the mat’s materials, thereby helping the earth and not adding more to landfills.  


Here’s how our campaign works

It’s pretty simple. When you purchase your next Happ:y Yoga Mat just roll up your old Happ:y Yoga Mat and and ship back to us in the box you just received, and we will take care of the rest.

We’ll even give you a $3 credit back for helping the earth!

Depending on the condition of your old Happ:y Yoga Mat, we may even be able to donate it to a local school or homeless shelter.  


*Currently we are only accepting used Happ:y Yoga Mats for our Be Good to the Earth Campaign. We are working on a way to take back any yoga mat; no matter its country of origin.