Frequently Asked Questions


What is the ‘be good to the Earth’ recycling campaign? 

It is our way to help the environment through recycling efforts. For more details got to our Be Good to the Earth page.

How does my purchase of a Happ:y Yoga Mat support research? 

We give a portion of our profits to support research in yoga. You can find out how your dollars can contribute to furthering the science of yoga on our We Support Research page.

How did this idea come about? 

It started with a simple situation of communication with a yoga research class for the Deaf and hard of hearing community. To read about how we started, visit our Evolution page.

Who has used the The Happ:y Yoga Mat so far? 

Teachers, students and therapists tested our mat prototypes in 2018. Today we have many yoga teachers, students, and therapists using The Happ:y Yoga Mat. Research projects using the Happ:y Yoga Mat include programs with the Special Olympics community and a research study on ADL’s and Fall Prevention in rural Wisconsin.

What is The Happ:y Yoga Mat made of?

The Happy Yoga Mat© is made of a high quality, eco-friendly, cellular vinyl, that is free from harmful BPAs, phthalates, and latex.

Where is The Happ:y Yoga Mat made? 

The Happ:y Yoga Mat is proudly MADE IN THE USA. We work with Pravacana Mats in North Carolina, USA.

How do I use The Happ:y Yoga Mat? 

Currently we have a series of handouts that demonstrate how to use The Happ:y Yoga Mat.
Coming Soon: YouTube videos, training sessions and additional instructional materials specifically designed for yoga teachers and therapists.

Why would I use The Happ:y Yoga Mat? 

The Happ:y Yoga Mat is ideal for everyone.

If you are a teacher, the mat is an amazing educational tool for new and seasoned students. It is also very effective for helping instruct students living with multiple challenges, like cognitive development; Deaf or hard of hearing, balance issues…

The student will enjoy using The Happ:y Yoga Mat because it is a template for positioning hands and feet. This allows for the new student to have a familiar ‘road map’ to learn and practice yoga. The seasoned student will enjoy advancing their practice by using the markings as a gauge.

The yoga therapist and research community will find the 6 in markings/ruler on the edge of the mat a great way to assess clients and participants. The template also allows for universal consistency with monitoring the fidelity of a research study.

Why do I need a template to practice yoga?

As a colleague once pointed out: “you shouldn’t need a protractor to do yoga!” We completely agree. Yoga poses should be about feeling what the body is offering in that particular pose at that specific time. We also know that for many students, teachers and therapist, the process of getting to the form of a pose can be daunting. We are not suggesting using The Happ:y Yoga Mat to create a synchronized alignment team. We are providing a template to start, grow and explore a practice of yoga.

What is the price of The Happ:y Yoga Mat? 

Retail cost per mat is $85.
We do offer discounts for bulk purchases, packages and research facilities.

How can I get The Happ:y Yoga Mat? 

There are a couple of ways to get The Happ:y Yoga Mat.
You can visit with us and order in person at conferences, festivals and wellness events. To see where we will be, please click on our Events pageYou can purchase on our Happ:y Products page.
For more information feel free to call us at: 608-469-5784.

What is your return policy?

We will refund any unused/good condition Happ:y Yoga Mats. Shipping charges to return a mat are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Would you be interested in selling The Happ:y Yoga Mat on consignment in your studio?

Yes, please reach out directly to me via email, at: or call 608-469-5784.

What makes you Happ:y?

Family, friends, walking with my dog Ripley, photography and kayaking. What makes you Happ:y? Share with us on our blog (coming soon)!

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