Paul Mross ,  founder of The Happ:y Yoga Mat

Paul Mross, founder of The Happ:y Yoga Mat

Happ:y Story

Hi, I’m Paul, founder and inventor of The Happ:y Yoga Mat. I am also a certified yoga instructor (E-RYT 200) and have taught over 4500 hours of yoga classes in the past 19 years. My passion has always been providing safe and effective access to yoga for all individuals, no matter what their challenges. I created the Happ:y (Healthy Accessible Products and Programs with Yoga) concept to provide more programming in the areas of health, accessibility and prevention using the benefits of yoga. My journey has provided me some remarkable experiences.

Over the past ten years I have presented on healthy aging and yoga topics at multiple conferences, including the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging: Healthy Aging Summit; Catholic Charities: Healthy Aging Conference; Morgridge Institute: Celebrating Healthy and Purposeful Aging; and the International Association of Yoga Therapists: Symposium on Yoga Research. I have taught workshops for students, teachers, and health care providers at UW-Milwaukee’s Center for Aging and Translational Research, UW-Stevens Point’s Continuing Education and Outreach program, and in a number of yoga studios.

In 2014 I embarked on a new path which brought me to research. It has been a privilege being the project manager and yoga consultant for multiple projects with the University of Wisconsin, Madison. We have looked at topics ranging from Yoga’s Effect on Fall Prevention, to adaptive yoga for the Deaf and hard of hearing yoga community. I honor and thank all the partners involved with our research. We’ve even published a few papers. Access a sample Publication. Ultimately, it was my involvement in research that led me to create The Happ:y Yoga Mat.

The original intention for creating The Happ:y Yoga Mat was to help students learn about yoga and give teachers, therapists and researchers  a tool to assist in teaching the benefits of yoga. We have fulfilled that intention by weaving together comments and suggestions, making this mat a teaching product, wellness tool, and accessible guide.

This work has led to many positive connections, including my recent part in co-founding YAFA: Yoga Accessible For All a coalition of yoga teachers, community partners, and academics interested in providing access to quality yoga practices for under-served communities. I am so Happ:y being able to work in and serve the yoga community at large. Please feel free to connect with me directly.

I hope you enjoy The Happ:y Yoga Mat.

Be Well.