We Support Yoga Research

The research community inspired us in the first place, so we are committed to giving back. We do this in two ways:

1.   A portion of The Happ:y Yoga Mat’s profits will be donated to support research projects in yoga. Each one of the mats you buy will help champion advancements in the science of yoga.

2.   We have made the cost of using The Happ:y Yoga Mat obtainable for academic communities. We provide a substantial discount to research organizations when they use our products.   

Research & Development in pictures: 1. Evolution of The Happ:y Yoga Mat exhibited by our designer at UW-Stevens Point; 2. Yoga instructor using an early prototype; 3. Paul demonstrating The Happ:y Yoga Mat Magnetic Instructional Tools; 4. Research gathering session using the latest version of The Happ:y Yoga Mat with the Special Olympics.